Volunteering in the MAY Elections!

In the Run Up to the elections there are many ways you can help. Click here to help with any of the following:

  • Deliver - Deliver leaflets near your home
  • Canvass - Call on people door-to-door asking for their support
  • Admin - Help with clerical work such as stuffing envelopes
  • Donate - Make a donation to our campaign
  • Posters - Display a Posterboard (poster on a stake in your garden) or Display a poster in your window

Specialist support

  • Designing leaflets and producing images such as infographics
  • Editing content on our website
  • Social media - creating or sharing content

And of course you can always Vote Lib Dem - Vote for the Liberal Democrats in elections!

We are also looking for help from Lib Dem members and supporters on Election day, 6th May and 5th May.

Both days are an important part of the campaign to get Lib Dems elected.

  • Wednesday 5th May we want to deliver thousands of leaflets across the borough. The more leaflets we deliver the better!
  • Thursday 6th May we need volunteers for a wide variety of roles from 7am to 9pm. There will always be something to do throughout the day regardless of your skills and experience.
  • Thursday 6th May we need volunteers to help with telling at selected polling stations - training on what is required will be provided in advance of election day.

We will be observing the party's COVID Guidance throughout, to ensure that we and our community are safe!

If you can't let us know in advance then just get in touch and we will gladly give you a job!