Tom Spenser

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Tom Spenser

Candidate for Knaphill, Candidates

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Tom Spenser: Your strong local voice for Knaphill

A lifetime resident of Woking, and a decade of living in Knaphill.

As a local retail worker, Tom has spent time talking to lots of people so has confidence to communicate to as many people as possible to find the right solutions for local affairs. Tom is a lover of music and film, sharing cultures and is a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

Tom sees Climate as a key issue, with a big focus on local environment issues and green conservation. Tom wants to encourage more E-Friendly local power, as well as recycling and composting by supplying more to local waste systems. Tom would also like everyone's voices to be heard, to drive Change, especially the voices of young adults who he urges to get involved with voting and their local community.