Henry Kay

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Henry Kay

Campaigner for Woking North

01483604213 (landline)

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Henry moved to Woking from London 3 years ago, and lives with his civil partner in Mayford.

Henry has worked for most of his career in the telecommunications and technology industry, his most recent focus being public safety communications. He now is self-employed, pursuing a new role in property development - acquiring old houses, refurbishing them and selling them on.

Henry is committed to making Woking a vibrant, diverse town serving the needs of the whole community, whilst preserving the green belt. Personally, he believes in an open, just and tolerant society, where everyone is supported to play their part in that society. He is a passionate pro-European, having campaigned on the streets of Woking during the referendum campaign. He believes that all EU nationals in the UK should immediately be given an unequivocal right to remain in the UK, whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. He will continue to campaign for us to remain within the single market and the customs union, and to allow freedom of movement.

He is a passionate supporter of LGBT rights, and promoting equality and diversity at work and our public services, and society at large.

On criminal justice matters, he says "The UK locks up more people in prison per capita of population than any other country in Europe. The balance should be shifted towards tougher community based sentences that help to address the root causes of criminal behaviour."

He is also a passionate believer in the NHS, and wants better integration with Adult Social Care. Henry says "The reality is that the NHS and care services do require more funding - especially Adult social care - and we need to be honest with the electorate about the need for more tax revenue to pay for it."

Henry points out how translating these values to local services is challenging in the current environment: "Much of the policy around the delivery of local services is set nationally, but much of the funding for these services has been withdrawn by central government. This leaves local councils having to implement big cuts to services which people depend on, and having to make very difficult choices."

Henry will be campaigning on the following issues:

  1. Keeping the street lights switched on at night. He believes that our streets and communities are safer if we can see at night.
  2. Ditching the Tory Tip Tax. He believes that charging residents for taking DIY waste to recycling centres only encourages illegal fly-tipping
  3. Prioritising funding for Adult Social Care Services and for children with speical needs. He believes we need to protect funding for those whose lives depend on it.
  4. Moving Surrey Civic Centre to a location inside Surrey. He believes that much needed capital could be released by relocating from the current site in the London Borough of Kingston to a more cost-effective location that serves the people of Surrey better.
  5. Stopping the Martyr's Lane development. He believes that this huge development is not sustainable with the current infrastructure in the area, and that quite simply this development is in the wrong place.