Chris Martin

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Christ Martin for ByfleetsChris Martin is the Lib Dem candidate for Byfleet and West Byfleet in the Borough Council elections on 5 May.

Chris Martin grew up in Chertsey and moved to Byfleet 9 years ago. He lives with his wife and two young sons and runs a sports events company. He has a love of sports and adventure and is often out and about on runs and cycle rides.

Chris is passionate about getting Byfleet's roads repaired to help prevent injuries to cyclists and damage to cars. He is a keen environmentalist and strongly opposes development on any of our precious Green Belt land.

He is happy to see work finally start on the Botanical Place site in the centre of West Byfleet and keeps a close eye on the project. He is also a keen supporter of the Byfleet Fire Station development. He will be campaigning for a proper crossing to be installed across Sopwith drive to allow residents a safe way to cross the road and enjoy Brooklands Park.

Local issues Chris is campaigning for:

1 Getting potholes repaired

2 Protecting the Green Belt and supporting development of brownfield sites such as Botanical Place, the Fire Station and Emerald House.

3 Developing cycle lanes to reduce the number of cars on the road and the congestion and parking issues in Parvis Road.

4 A pedestrian crossing at Sopwith Drive

5 Action in our parks and common spaces to prevent litter (often due to little or no provision of rubbish bins in the affected areas)

Across Woking, all our candidates share Our Vision for Woking, which builds on Liberal Democrat successes as a group at Council. Liberal Democrats commit to Financial Responsibility and Openness, to provide affordable homes, develop a local vision for our area, build a vibrant local economy giving residents a green and safe borough where there is leisure and well being for all.

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