Conservatives cut grants to community and voluntary groups by 19%

December 21, 2021 10:25 PM

Woking Conservatives Cuts to GrantsConservative-run Woking Borough Council has agreed to cut grants to community and voluntary groups by 19%.

The Council has previously granted £922,000 to support local community and voluntary groups, but the most recent Executive meeting decided to give £272,000 less funding for the forthcoming year, a 19% cut in support.

47 groups sought funding from the Borough Council, the vast majority will get less financial support than they could last year, and on top of this have been warned to expect further reductions next year.

Lib Dem Shadow Portfolio Holder, Councillor Will Forster, said:

"I feel this is a heartless and short-sighted move by the Conservative administration at Woking Council. I am concerned this marks the start of a downward spiral in the Council's support for the voluntary sector just when the pandemic has shown how valuable it is to Woking. We need community and voluntary groups now more than ever, yet the Council is cutting a massive 19% from its support."

"The Lib Dems and I fear the consequences of these cuts to grants have just not been properly thought through and could prove counter-productive. If charities are not able to support people, residents will turn to the Council and cost much more money in the end."