Surrey County Council in court for failing vulnerable children

August 9, 2021 12:11 PM

Teddy BearThe Good Law Project is taking legal action against Surrey County Council for sending children in care outside of Surrey.

Lib Dem Group Leader on Surrey County Council, Will Forster, said:

"This news comes as no surprise to my Lib Dem colleagues and I - we have regularly challenged the Council on its delivery of services to vulnerable children over many years, that it is now facing a legal challenge for failing in its statutory duty."

"In launching a petition to support its legal action against the County Council, the Good Law Project has assessed the authority to be one of the worst offenders when it comes to ensuring there is enough accommodation for these already vulnerable children to be housed locally, when it is most appropriate to their needs. In fact, it is a timely reminder that the Council's Children's Services have only recently been taken out of special measures."

"The Conservative administration has been very eager to shout about the progress it says has been made in this area, but this action by the Good Law Project underlines the fact that there are children in Surrey who are still being let down and it is right that the County Council should be called out for failing to provide what it is legally required to do."