All young care leavers in Surrey to be exempt from Council Tax

July 28, 2021 7:21 PM
By Cllr Will Forster

Surrey Young Care Leavers - Council Tax exemption

The Lib Dems have secured support for measures that will result in all care leavers in Surrey being exempt from paying Council Tax from next April.

In 2018, the Lib Dems won unanimous backing at Surrey County Council for a motion to exempt care leavers from paying tax until they are 25. Ten of Surrey's eleven Borough and District Councils have also already taken this step, Woking Borough Council was the first - and now Tandridge District Council has finally agreed to move into line with the rest of Surrey.

Lib Dem Group Leader on Surrey County Council, Will Forster, said:

"I am delighted that the aim of my motion will finally be realised, and all young care leavers in Surrey will be exempt from paying Council Tax. These young people have often faced significant challenges growing up, yet they leave home earlier and have less support than other young people. Without the family backup most young people receive, care leavers often struggle to juggle their household bills and make ends meet."

"Although taking care Leavers out of the Council Tax system is no silver bullet, it will be a strong step in the right direction and will help these young people make a successful transition out of care."