Woking Borough Council is on the hook for £3.2 Billion.

April 23, 2021 9:49 AM
By Cllr Graham Chrystie

Having reviewed the most recently published version of WBC's Green Book it is clear the current Conservative leadership has borrowed at least £1.5 Billion and in the process has committed the Council to repaying these loans, plus interest of at least £3.2 Billion over the next 50 years. Whether the Victoria Square project thrives or not WBC will have to find this cash. This is the equivalent of £84,000 for every household in the borough.

The Conservatives' persistent habit of secrecy means we cannot even be sure that this is the correct figure.

A Lib Dem controlled council will obtain a full financial audit and Statement of Affairs of all WBC's assets and liabilities including those of its many property development companies. Once we have this information we can at least begin to assess the options available and recommend a way forward.

Residents might sleep better if they knew the finances have been fully assessed by independent professionals.

Cllr Graham Chrystie

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