Meet your Council Candidates

February 4, 2021 7:09 PM
WBC 2021 Candidates - Map

Woking Council Candidates for 2021!

Borough and County Council elections are taking place on the 6th May 2021. Woking Liberal Democrats are aiming to take control of Woking Borough Council and win more seats at Surrey County Council.

We have fantastic candidates standing in these elections, each with their own great ideas on how to improve their local areas. Some candidates are new to local politics, some have decades of Council experience, but all of them share a love of Woking and a real desire to improve everyday life for its residents. So let's meet them!

To see more information on your candidate, just click on the candidate's name to see a more comprehensive biography.

Adam Kirby, who works in finance, is standing as a Horsell Borough Council candidate. He is a local volunteer, who has been delivering prescriptions during lockdown for Horsell Prepared. As a keen walker and trained scientist Adam aims to protect Horsell's Green Spaces from fire, vandalism and Climate change.

Lance Spencer, the County Council candidate for Goldsworth East and Horsell Village, has lived in the area with his family for over 35 years. His areas of focus are Community, Care and Climate, believing that without concerted action in these areas we will not be able to hand over to our children a place where they can live life to the full.

Climate is also the key issue for Peter Graves, the Borough Council candidate for Byfleets, and for Anuj Sikka, the candidate for Canalside, who want to protect local residents from unwelcome developments and defend Woking's green spaces.

Guy Cosnahan, candidate for Heathlands, who worked for an education charity in central Asia, wants the local community to be a great place to live and to flourish.

Tom Spenser, candidate for Knaphill, wants local government to closely represent local residents, particularly young adults, who he urges to vote in May.

Ellen Nicholson, candidate for Mount Hermon, is an NHS nurse who now uses her experience of primary care to advise the NHS on patient safety. Ellen's experience in health means she has some great ideas on how local GP surgeries and Woking Walk-in Centre can provide better services for residents.

Also standing in both the Borough and Council elections is Dale Roberts, the candidate for St. Johns and Woking South West, who has run a number of technology businesses employing hundreds of people. Dale wants to work closely with local businesses who are struggling in the pandemic and hopes to develop our local high streets so that they better serve local people. He jointly organises one of the local Covid support groups covering Brookwood, St John's and Knaphill.

Experienced sitting Liberal Democrat councillors are also standing in these elections. Will Forster, the candidate for Hoe Valley and Woking South, has served on the Council for twelve years. Over these years Will has opposed Government cuts to schools and secured a 100% discount on Council Tax for young people who have recently left the care system. Between 2018 and 2019 Will served as the Mayor of Woking and in 2019 he stood as a candidate in the General Election, increasing the Liberal Democrat vote share in Woking by an impressive 13%.

Ann-Marie Barker, the leader of the Lib Dems councillors on Woking Borough Council, is standing again for Goldsworth Park in the Borough Council elections. She has deep experience of Woking council and has also been a School Governor and member of local Residents' Association.

Graham Chrystie, representing Pyrford has served with distinction on Woking's Overview and Scrutiny Committee, helping to challenge the lack of Competence in Woking's current leadership. He has for many years been a member of the Residents Association for Byfleet, West Byfleet and Pyrford which he chaired prior to his election as a Councillor.

With such outstanding candidates, we believe now is the time to take control from the Tory led Woking Borough Council. After 14 years of Tory control, it's time for change.

It's Your Town and Your future, so vote Lib Dem on 6th May 2021.