Tory Incompetence - It's Official

January 8, 2021 10:00 PM

Serious managerial incompetence by senior Tory Councillors is identified in the independent inspector's "Report on Woking Football Club and Associated Development - 15 December 2020". The report clearly identifies many very important issues for all Woking voters.

Woking Borough Council granted a £250 million loan to a property developer and has been found to have inadequate paperwork to support the deal, not having taken appropriate legal advice and kept secret information that should have been in the public domain. In this podcast we ask how did this happen and who was responsible for such an extraordinary scale of incompetence. Ann-Marie Barker, Leader of Lib Dem Group on Woking Borough Council and a Goldsworth Park Councillor, suggests answers to these crucial questions.

This is the first of series of podcasts where we will be shining a light on the activities of the Tory led Woking Borough Council.

Tory Incompetence - it's official

Anyone who is interested to see the report written by the Local Government Association Inspector and barrister, Dr Gifty Edila, can see it here Report on Woking Football Club and Associated Development . It is on the Woking Borough Council's website.