Shocking Tory Mismanagement and Secrecy

December 22, 2020 11:27 AM

Jobs for Tory pals and weak management of Woking Borough Council officers by the Conservative leadership. 

Independent LGA (Local Government Association) reports in 2015 and 2019 highlighted poor management practice and managerial incompetence by the Woking Tories. These reports have been hidden and ignored.  In our latest podcast Adam Kirby and Dale Roberts probe the details in Woking Spotlight.  

Podcast screenshot

Incompetence, mismanagement, cronyism and dubious dealings by Tories at national government level are being repeated at local government level in Woking. Recommended changes in the management of Woking Borough Council have not been implemented. These failings and the total lack of accountability and scrutiny are now exposed. Woking Tories are in crisis mode. 

In this first episode of our Woking Spotlight podcast mini-series, Graham Chrystie, a retired lawyer, now Woking Lib Dem Councillor and Chair of the WBC Planning Committee, exposes the incompetence of those running your borough. Please subscribe for more reports on how your Woking council really works.

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