Liberal Democrat Leader calls on Council to protect public say on planning

October 14, 2020 10:43 AM
By Cllr Ann-Marie Barker

Ann-Marie BarkerCllr Ann-Marie Barker is calling on the Council to support her in protecting our say on what is built locally. Woking's Liberal Democrat Leader wants the Council raise concerns with the Government and Member of Parliament on the White Paper 'Planning for the Future'.

The White Paper plans to:

  • Take away local control - Westminster would decide where developers can build in our area and local people would have less say on planning applications
  • Allow developers to build even fewer affordable homes
  • Take money for roads and schools and give it straight to the government

Cllr Barker is proposing to the Council meeting on Thursday 15 October that they write to the government and MP and highlight the concerning plans in the White Paper to local people.

Government proposals seem to suggest it is Councils that delay house building but the facts show that most planning applications are approved by local Councils such as Woking.

"Local Councils pass 9 out of 10 planning applications. It is not local Councils who are the barriers to building new homes for local people" points out Cllr Barker.

"I hope the Council will support my motion to protect local say in the planning process. I am asking the Council to raise local concerns in the consultation and to make our MP aware of these concerns. I also urge residents to have their say on the government's proposals which can be found at by Thursday 29 October. "