Woking’s ‘Triangle’ buildings to be demolished

September 23, 2020 2:45 PM
By Cllr Will Forster

Will Forster by Victoria Arch WokingNext week, work will start to demolish the 'Triangle' buildings just south of Victoria Arch on Woking's A320 gyratory.

This is the first stage of a £115m collaboration between Network Rail, Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council to replace Victoria Arch and change the highway network south of the railway bridge.

The scheme will deliver a new wider Victoria Arch railway bridge, create a new two-way dual carriageway leading up to it and increase train capacity over the bridge. For full details of the plans, please see here.

Lib Dem County Councillor for Woking South, Will Forster, said:

"Since I was elected as a Councillor I have been pushing for better access to Woking from the south side of town. Victoria Arch clearly needs improvement - the Arch and the roads leading up to it are inadequate for motorists, dangerous for cyclists and unpleasant for pedestrians."

"However, I have real misgivings about this project, and I am not alone. A big majority of those who responded to the consultation were not supportive either. I think the principle behind these plans is sound. Victoria Arch clearly needs improvement, gyratory systems are out of date and cyclists need proper cycle lanes."

"However, I fear the plans go too far and will be hugely disruptive. The demolition work alone will last until February 2021 and then the construction of the new road and replacement bridge will involve lengthy, but as yet unspecified rail and road closures."

"Furthermore, the plans could undermine our fight against climate change. The creation of more space for cars with a new dual carriageway in the town centre will not improve air quality and there is a missed opportunity to build dedicated cycle lanes instead of the planned shared use of pavements."

"Finally, after all the roadworks are complete, the remaining land will clearly be used to build yet another tower block."

"However, the decision has been made and when completed in early 2024 - yes it will take that long - we will be able to decide whether the disruption has been worth it."