First Liberal Lockdown Podcast Released

June 26, 2020 4:00 PM

Liberal lockdown podcast logoWe have just released the first episode of our new Liberal Lockdown podcast! Hosts Adam Kirby and Louise McElhinney - two of our 2021 Woking Borough Council candidates - are on a mission to find out how the lockdown has affected people and businesses in and around Woking. This first episode provides an insight into how Adam and Louise have adapted to the 'new normal', such as switching boardrooms for Zoom whilst working from home, dusting off their knowledge of the world for some home schooling and delivering prescriptions and cakes to those in need.

Most importantly, this is a series about you, the residents of Woking. The plan for future episodes includes:

  1. 'Learning in lockdown': Schools, home schools and lessons for adults
  2. 'Home comforts': from care homes to homeless care
  3. 'Woking's Covid frontline': voices and advice from our local NHS
  4. 'Shopping without dropping': Can Woking stay open and stay safe?
  5. 'Healthy Money': professional tips and who can help
  6. 'Peace of Mind': the other health risk in lockdown
  7. 'Green and wise': will Woking get a green growth recovery?

Do you have a story to tell about one of the above topics, or is there something equally important that's been happening in Woking over the past few months that you think we should include? Either way we'd love to have you on our show, so please reach out to us:

Louise McElhinney at


Adam Kirby at

Episode 1 Meet the Team