'Stop the Coup' protest in Woking

September 11, 2019 11:26 PM
By Cllr Will Forster

On Thursday evening, around two hundred local people came together to protest in Woking town centre against the Prime Minister's recent attack on parliamentary democracy.

Stop the Coup protest in Woking

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision last week to suspend Parliament to force through a No Deal Brexit, there have been widespread protests throughout the country. People have expressed shock and anger, deeming his move to be a 'Coup'. Woking's 'Stop the Coup' protest took place on the 5th September, when about two hundred people protested in Gloucester Square and Jubilee Square in the town centre.

The Conservative Government's attempt to close Parliament down before it could stop a No Deal Brexit has since completely backfired as Parliament voted to stop a No Deal Brexit.

Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Woking, Will Forster, who led the march said:

"Shutting down Parliament would be an act of cowardice from Boris Johnson. He knows the public would not choose a No Deal and that elected representatives would not allow it. He is trying to stifle their voices."

"Our 'Stop the Coup' protest in Woking goes far beyond Brexit. The protest was not just for Remainers but for anyone who felt the prorogation was undemocratic."

"I was proud to stand with hundreds of ordinary people in Woking, who have came out onto the streets to make our feelings known and to make clear that we will not stand for Boris Johnson's 'Coup'."