Shock news for Woking - not a single Tory councillor supports their own leader

July 29, 2019 12:00 AM
By Councillor Ann-Marie Barker

Liberal Democrats were shocked when not a single Conservative supported their own leader during a no confidence vote last week (Thursday 25th July). "By sitting on their hands the Conservative Group abdicated responsibility" said Lib Dem Leader Ann-Marie Barker.

Anne-Marie Barker (Woking Lib Dems)

A motion of no confidence was moved in the Council Leader and when it became clear no other Conservative was to be put forward the Liberal Democrats could not support an action that would throw the Council into chaos.

"Councillors have had their say about Councillor Bittleston. It is now up to the Conservative group, the largest group on the Council, to decide whether to stay with their current leader or offer an alternative to Woking residents."