Woking Conservatives humiliated on Wisley grant

July 26, 2019 8:00 PM
By Councillor Will Forster

Woking Conservatives humiliated on Wisley grant

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The Conservatives running Woking Borough Council's plans to give RHS Wisley a £100,000 grant was overwhelming rejected during last night's Full Council meeting, 25th July, with only one vote in favour.

The Lib Dems spoke out against the Tories' plans to grant Wisley £100,000 of public money at the Council's Executive on 11th July. Councillor Will Forster and the Lib Dems successfully lead the charge against the Wisley grant during Thursday's Full Council meeting.

After the debate, only one Conservative Councillor voted in favour of their administration's recommendation to support Wisley. Even the Tory Portfolio Holder for Grants, who spoke in support and recommended the grant for approval, did not vote in favour.

Councillor Will Forster, Lib Dem Portfolio Holder for Grants, said:

"The Lib Dems and I admire RHS Wisley, but they are a wealthy organisation with a large and supportive membership, they do not need this funding. Woking Council should be helping vital local groups within Woking Borough, not well-off ones outside our Borough."

"I am relieved that the majority of Councillors agreed with our concerns over granting Wisley this money. However, I was shocked at the scale of the defeat for the Conservative administration's plans, a 24 to 1 defeat is a complete humiliation."