Rob Leach wants the public to be involved in Council decisions

March 30, 2019 2:54 PM
By Will Forster.

Rob Leach wants the public to be involved in Council decisions
Rob Leach Woking Tower blocks
Lib Dem candidate Rob Leach wants to give residents the chance to be more involved in decisions made by Woking Borough Council.

With high-rise flats springing up in Woking town centre and more being planned, Rob Leach and the Lib Dems want residents to have a greater say in the future development of the town centre and the Council's planning decisions.​

Currently, 3 tower blocks are under construction as part of the Victoria Square development. There are also plans for several other skyscrapers in Woking, including a 39 storey building in the High Street, a 34 storey block on Church Street East next to Barclay's Bank and a 33 storey block on the BHS shop site.​

Rob Leach said:

"Yes, there is a huge need for housing, but should it all be flats? Is the infrastructure adequate? School places, doctors' and dentists' surgeries and seats on trains for commuters all have to be provided. Under the Conservative-run Council there is no elected person with specific responsibility for Woking town centre. If elected I will push for a senior Councillor to be given responsibility for town centre matters.​"

"If Woking Council had a portfolio holder for the town centre, Councillors and residents would be able to hold them accountable for what is happening in our town". As a Councillor, Rob Leach would be able to lobby them with any concerns and ideas that residents may have. The Lib Dems want businesses, voluntary groups, schools and residents to have a say in how the town centre is developed.​

"In St John's, I would adopt the same principle. I would hold regular surgeries in the village to listen to your ideas , your views and your problems and to help where I can. Lib Dems are the natural party of local government. We listen to residents. We intervene."