Woking Executive withheld part of grant requested by Citizens Advice

February 12, 2019 9:02 PM
By Ann-Marie Barker.

More hoops for Citizens Advice to jump through

Ann-Marie Courts

Cllr Barker calls on Conservative Executive Leader to end vendetta

Cllr Barker, Liberal Democrat Leader on Woking Council is saddened that the Council's Conservative Executive has come up with yet more hoops for our local Citizens Advice service to jump through to secure grant funding.

"Citizens Advice Woking (CAW) do a fantastic job supporting local people. They work closely with Woking Council to help those who need advice and guidance on a wide range of finance and housing issues" said Cllr Barker.

"Last December the Executive withheld part of the grant requested by Citizens Advice" points out Cllr Barker. "They required CAW to come back with further information to the next Executive committee. CAW met the request, including providing a business plan (a document which the Leader of the Executive erroneously told councillors did not exist)" continued Cllr Barker. "Following last week's meeting of the Executive yet more hoops have been set up for CAW to jump through, with CAW required to work Executive requests and not return to the committee until September".

"The Leader is clearly trying to show his tight control of public money but he has picked the wrong target in such a valued public service as Citizens Advice" fumed Cllr Barker. "I call on Cllr Bittleston to end his vendetta against CAW and resolve issues around awarding the full grant before this year's local elections".

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