Lib Dems criticise move to 7-day property turnaround in Woking.

February 12, 2019 8:53 PM
By Ann-Marie Barker.

Liberal Democrats criticise move to 7-day property turnaround

Why set target council's own contractor doesn't meet?

Liberal Democrats were surprised to see proposals to reduce a properties' exemption from Council Tax from 30 days to just 7 days. Currently a property is not charged Council Tax whilst empty for one month. Proposals going to this week's Council meeting are to reduce that to just one week.

"We all want to get homes available as soon as possible. With such demand on housing we want to discourage properties being left empty" said Liberal Democrat Leader Ann-Marie Barker. "But a week is a ridiculously short time to turn-around a property. Will this mean new residents moving in without maintenance being done after previous occupiers for example?"

The proposal seems particularly inappropriate when you realise this is a target the Council's own contractors New Vision Homes do not meet.

"How can the Council look to charge private landlords Council Tax for properties vacant for more than 7 days, when it takes the Council's own contractor 43 days to turn around a property" points out Cllr Barker.