Lib Dems welcome Conservative U-turn on Woking Park ice cream van

February 12, 2019 8:30 PM
By Ann-Marie Barker.

Delight that Carlos will be able to return to the park

Ann-Marie Barker

Liberal Democrats welcome the Conservative U-turn that will restore Carlos' ice cream van to Woking Park. We look forward to confirming our support at the Council meeting on 13 February.

Commenting Cllr Ann-Marie Barker, Leader of Woking Liberal Democrats, said "The Bellancas have been through so much, from being told 5 days before Christmas 2017 that they couldn't return to the park in 2018, to then being offered a new site but later having that offer withdrawn. The Liberal Democrat Group are delighted that Carlos ice cream van will be returning to Woking Park in 2019".

Time for Cllr Kemp to consider his position?

Cllr Barker continued "We were astonished to learn from the Portfolio Holder last week that, contrary to what Council was told in December, Freedom Leisure do not have an exclusive contract for refreshments in Woking Park. At December's Council meeting councillors, Mr Bellanca and his family and supporters, were told by the Portfolio holder that Freedom Leisure had an exclusive contract for refreshments in Woking Park".

The December Council meeting was told by Cllr Kemp "the agreement is for them [Freedom Leisure] to serve refreshment in the Park". Cllr Kemp went on to say that Freedom Leisure had this exclusive contract until 2025. He suggested that the matter could be looked at again 7 years from now!

"We don't know where the incorrect information about the contract with Freedom Leisure came from" said Cllr Barker. "But it was the Portfolio Holder for Leisure who told us that the contract did not allow other refreshment providers to trade in the Park and suggested Mr Bellanca could only come back to the Council for an opportunity to trade in the park in 2025. Having misled Council should Cllr Kemp be considering his position?"