Surrey County Council has no plans to reopen Lakers Youth Centre one year after fire

February 4, 2019 7:00 AM
By Will Forster, RH.
Council has no plans to reopen Lakers Youth Centre one year after fire
The Lib Dems have criticised Surrey County Council for leaving the Lakers Youth Centre closed for a whole year, and still not having any plans to reopen it.
In January 2018, Lakers Youth Centre in Goldsworth Park was badly damaged by a fire and has been closed since. During a recent Surrey County Council Cabinet meeting, Lib Dem County Councillor, Will Forster, asked the Council if, or when, it will repair and reopen Lakers. The Council stated that there are no immediate plans to rebuild Lakers Youth Centre and that they are reviewing all youth services.
Will Forster said, "Ever since Lakers was damaged and closed by last year's fire, the Lib Dems and I have been campaigning for the County Council to commit to reopening the Youth Centre. However, they have refused time and time again. We are now one year on, and the Council still has no plans to reopen Lakers."
"I am appalled that the County Council has left both Lakers unused for over a year, and Goldsworth Park without its Youth Centre. I grew up in Goldsworth Park, and I know first-hand how valuable Lakers is to the local community."
"The County Council has insurance that should cover the damage done to Lakers Youth Centre by last year's fire, but has not disclosed how much money it has, or will, receive. I have challenged the Council to publicise how much funding it will get from the insurance and to reinvest that money to repair Lakers."