Greater Thameswey Transparency welcomed. Woking.

December 11, 2018 9:43 PM
By Councillor Ann-Marie Barker

Greater Thameswey Transparency welcomed

Liberal Democrats on Woking Council have welcomed plans for greater transparency in the operation of the wholly owned Council companies in the Thameswey Group

Anne-Marie Barker (Woking Lib Dems)

Following the summer shock of Thameswey Developments' plans for a skyscraper behind Barclays Bank in Woking town centre, Liberal Democrats have welcomed plans for greater transparency in the operation of all Thameswey Group companies.

"Residents and councillors alike were shocked to be advised of plans for a skyscraper in Woking back in July" said Cllr Barker. "The plans were submitted just as schools and colleges broke for the summer break and many people were heading away on summer holidays" she continued "almost as though it was hoped the application would go through with little scrutiny".

Despite Conservative Executive members serving as Directors on Thameswey companies, very little information from company meetings has been fed back to councillors to date. Thameswey company meetings are held during the day so many councillors who work alongside their council responsibilities can't get along. Minutes of the meetings are not being circulated to councillors.

Cllr Barker has welcomed plans for greater transparency in the operation of Thameswey companies.

"I am delighted that the Leader of the Council has now promised that councillors will be able to access Thameswey Board papers in the same say as they access other council papers" said Cllr Barker. "Cllr Bittleston has also told councillors that Thameswey Developments will hold wider consultation with residents before submitting a planning application".