Liberal Democrats join the ‘scream for ice cream’ in Woking Park

December 11, 2018 9:13 PM
By Councillor Ann-Marie Barker

Liberal Democrats slam Council and join the 'scream for ice cream' in Woking Park

Liberal Democrats slam Woking Council on learning of treatment of long-standing ice cream business and call for answers on situation

Liberal Democrats on Woking Council were shocked to learn how 'Carlos' ice cream van was treated when being refused a pitch in Woking Park following the opening of a refreshment kiosk.

"The idea of having a kiosk in Woking Park was around for a long time before the facility finally opened this year" pointed out Cllr Barker "at no point did I hear it mentioned that having a kiosk meant no ice-cream van".

Now we have heard of the ice cream van being removed at short notice and a suggestion that a restrictive contract with Freedom Leisure who operate the kiosk prevents 'Carlos' ice cream trading in the park.

Even if the van had to move from its traditional location the Liberal Democrats feel it could have been allowed to do business elsewhere in the park.

"It's a big park" said Cllr Barker "there's room for a kiosk and an ice-cream van".

Liberal Democrats are now calling on the Conservative Executive to answer the following questions:

  1. What contract was signed with Freedom Leisure in relation to the new Woking park kiosk?
  2. Why were details of this contract not made available to the Council on 6 December?
  3. Why would there appear to have been mixed messages given to 'Carlos' from the Council?
  4. What do the Executive feel can be learnt from the way 'Carlos' ice cream van has been treated?