Skyscrapers are not the answer. Woking.

November 28, 2018 11:27 PM
By Ann-Marie Barker

Press release from Woking Liberal Democrats

Skyscrapers are not the answer to local housing need say Liberal Democrats

Woking Victoria Square Skyscrapers

Speaking at the latest 'Woking Debates' on Saturday 24 November Leader of Woking Council Liberal Democrats Cllr Ann-Marie Barker clearly stated that skyscrapers are not the answer to meet Woking's housing need. They are not council policy, will not meet local housing need and are not needed to achieve nationally set building targets.

Cllr Barker pointed out that

- Current Council policy merely allows for 'taller' buildings in the centre of town, it does not call for skyscrapers

- Town centre flats are not the affordable homes that are in such demand and they are likely to generate more need for larger homes when residents start relationships or families

- Skyscrapers are not needed to meet the target of having 50% of the 292 homes required in Woking each year in the town centre. Harrington House, on the site of the old St Dunstans, reaches 11 storeys at its highest point and will provide 147 flats, a years town centre supply. Victoria Square will provide 429 flats which is almost 3 years supply. An application has just gone into convert an office block in Chertsey Road. The flats planned would meet at least two thirds of a year's supply.

There are already very tall buildings with planning permission and others at various stages of planning. Between 10 or more skyscrapers have been mentioned for Woking town centre.

"A line needs to be drawn" said Cllr Barker.

"Now is the time for residents who don't want the character of their town to be changed forever to stand up and have their say" stated Cllr Barker. "I urge residents to respond to the latest Local Plan consultation and say 15 storeys is tall enough in the town centre."

Ann-Marie Barker

Ann-Marie Barker