Our Candidates for Elections in Woking on May 3rd!

April 20, 2018 8:30 PM

Lib Dem Candidates in every ward in Woking on 3rd May!

LE2018 Candidates

Wherever you live in Woking, you will have the choice to vote Lib Dem thanks to our fantastic full slate of candidates!

Throughout Woking all our Candidates know their communities and will be a strong voice for them. We are focussed on building a greener Woking, with homes for every generation, and want Woking Borough Council not to loose sight of delivering consistent, high quality local services.

Woking faces unprecedented change in the coming years and we need a strong unified opposition to ensure that decisions made now with long term repercussions for our town are made openly and subject to proper scrutiny and challenge, not just railroaded through in secret by the Tory-run Council.

We are working hard to keep Woking's Police Station open. We believe that a town and borough the size of Woking needs its own Police Station and sizeable Police presence.

On May 3rd Woking residents have the opportunity to send a message to the Conservatives that they don't want more cuts to key local services.

Goldsworth Park - James Sanderson - find out how James is standing up for Goldsworth park here
Mount Hermon - Liam Lyons - find out what Liam is standing up for Mount Hermon here
St John's - Ken Howard - find out what Ken is standing for in St John's here
Hoe Valley - Deborah Hughes - find out what Deborah is standing for in Mount Hermon here
Horsell - Tony Kremer - find out what Tony is standing for in Horsell here

Canalside - John Doran

Byfleet and West Byfleet - Ellen Nicholson - find out what Ellen Nicholson is standing for here

Knaphill - Jamie Roscoe-Jones

Pyrford - Ian Lachowicz
Heathlands - Tom Rimmer