Help us save a 100-year-old tree being chopped down due to "slippery leaves"!

April 10, 2018 12:30 PM

Louise Morales and Jamie Roscoe Jones - Knaphill Tree

During a Woking Borough Council's planning meeting, on 20th March, Lib Dem Councillor Louise Morales voted against the removal of aTree Preservation Order (TPO) on a 100+ year-old Sweet Chestnut Tree in the grounds of St John's Primary School, Knaphill, Woking. However, all three Tory Councillors for Knaphill, plus the Tory Councillor for Goldsworth Park voted for the removal of the TPO. The removal of the order now means that the school is free to destroy the tree.

Councillor Morales and Jamie Roscoe-Jones, believe the school is not aware of the feeling within the local community, and beyond, to protect this valuable part of the Knaphillenvironment.

The council's tree officers have stated that there is no health and safety risk from the tree yet health and safety concerns were used as the reason for the removal of the council's protection of this magnificent tree.

We call on the school to rethink their objections and preserve this tree for many more generations to enjoy.

Please sign and share our petition.

The petition is online here!