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    Article: Nov 14, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    The 95% waiting time target has not been met since July 2015. Only 83.6% of patients arriving at A&E across England were treated or admitted in four hours in October, the worst-ever performance since a target was introduced in 2004.

    Lib Dem Candidate for Woking, Will Forster, said:

    "It is shameful that patients in Woking are being abandoned, be it waiting for hours for treatment in A&E or for months in pain for routine operations."

  • Article: Nov 13, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    The Lib Dems have announced they would more than double spending on youth services in Surrey to £33,998,703,to help tackle rising levels of crime. This would form part of a total ring-fenced fund of £500 million for Local Authorities across England to spend on youth services, providing young people with positive, safe and healthy alternatives to gangs.

  • Will Forster GE 2019
    Article: Nov 12, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    On Monday, 11th November, Nigel Farage announced that the Brexit Party will not be standing a General Election candidate in Woking and other Conservative held seats.

    Will Forster, the Lib Dem Candidate for Woking, said:

    "Nigel Farage's comments show he is running scared of the Lib Dems as the strongest Remain party in areas like Woking. He knows that we are the only party at this election that can take seats, including Woking from the Tories and stop Brexit."

  • Free Childcare for 9 months. Part Four of our ‘Plan for the Future’
    Article: Nov 11, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    The Lib Dems will introduce free childcare from 9 months, transforming the lives of parents and children across the UK.

    The high cost of childcare means that too many parents are unable to return to work without risking real financial hardship. With the average cost of 25 hours of nursery care for a child under two running to more than £6,500 per year, many parents are effectively excluded from work due to the burden of childcare costs.

  • EUHeartVoteLibDem
    Article: Nov 8, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    720 EU nationals in Woking are being left in legal limbo

    Hundreds of EU nationals living in Woking Borough have not been offered permanent residency in the UK, official figures have revealed. The Lib Dems have accused the government of leaving local families from the EU in "legal limbo" and throwing people's lives into uncertainty.

  • Football
    Article: Nov 8, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    It is three weeks since Woking Borough Council accepted a public petition and a motion from Councillors calling for a more measured redevelopment of Woking Football Club.

    However, despite the passage of time, Ward Councillors and the South Woking Action Group have heard nothing from the Council Leadership, the developers GolDev and the Football Club. Which is why Lib Dem Councillor for the area, Will Forster, has written to the Council's Chief Executive calling for the Council to keep its promise to listen to residents that signed the petition. Councillor Forster has also called for the Council to facilitate discussions between GolDev, the South Woking Action Group and Woking FC.

  • Climate Change. Part three of our ‘Plan for the Future’
    Article: Nov 7, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    The Lib Dems will tackle the climate emergency and deliver a bold green plan to build a brighter future.

    The UK should be leading the world on tackling the environment crisis. Our planet is on the brink of being irreparably damaged and we are responsible for that damage.

    The climate emergency is real and our planet is heating to unsustainable levels. Young people have taken to the streets because they're so worried that the Conservatives are failing to act.

  • Transform Mental Health. GE 2019. Part two of our ‘Plan for the Future’.
    Article: Nov 6, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    The Lib Dems will treat mental health with the same urgency as physical health.

    The NHS is the envy of the world, but our mental health service is not. Waiting times are being missed, people are not being referred for the treatment they need, and often action is taken only when at 'crisis' point, or too late. That is why the Lib Dems are dedicated to transforming mental health services by treating them with the same urgency as physical health.

  • Part one of our ‘Plan for the Future’
    Article: Nov 6, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    Today, the Lib Dems launched part one of our 'Plan for the Future'. At our General Election campaign launch, Jo Swinson has declared that a Lib Dem Government will Stop Brexit and use the £50 billion 'Remain Bonus' to invest in public services and tackle inequality.

    This £50 billion injection to the areas that need it most, can only be delivered by a Lib Dem Government - we are the only party standing up to stop Brexit.

  • Woking skyscrapers Victoria Square
    Article: Nov 4, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster

    Lib Dems expose delays in Woking's landmark development

    Following scrutiny by Lib Dem Councillors, Woking Borough Council has confirmed that the Victoria Square development is behind schedule and the new Marks and Spencer store will now not open until 2021.

    The Borough Council has previously stated that Marks and Spencer, the anchor store of the £540 million landmark Victoria Square development, was meant to be fitted out in Spring 2020 and opened in Autumn 2020. Following questioning at the recent Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Council's Chief Executive confirmed that he expects Marks and Spencer to be opened nearer to March and April 2021. Ray Morgan said that the delay is due to the unexpected rebuilding of the Red Car Park.

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