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Recent updates

  • ann marie
    Article: Feb 21, 2014

    Local Lib Dems are angry that the Conservative run council has ignored its huge reserves and refused a government grant to increase both Council tax and car parking charges.

    "Liberal Democrat councillors refused to back an increase in either Council Tax or car parking charges. We wanted a freeze" said Lib Dem Leader Ann-Marie Barker. "A freeze could have been funded from a combination of the government grant on offer and by taking a small amount from the Council's substantial reserves" explained Cllr Barker.

  • Article: Feb 20, 2014

    Lib Dem councillor Will Forster has slammed local Tories for a shocking hike in Council home rents and for making such a large increase because it is likely to be the 'last opportunity' to do so.

    "The average increase in council rents is going to be £4.27 a week or over £17 a month" said Cllr. Forster "but some tenants will pay more" he explained.

  • Article: Feb 19, 2014

    Chris Took, the Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Woking, has welcomed comments by Bank of England Governor Mark Carney that interest rates will not return to pre-crisis levels of 5% until "all spare capacity was being used in the economy."

    Chris, a company Director of a technology business, has said that Carney's comments, known as 'Forward Guidance,' will help both businesses and consumers when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

  • Ann marie - green gunge
    Article: Feb 14, 2014

    After large parts of the Basingstoke Canal were covered in green gunge from the summer to the end of the year Cllr Ann- Marie Barker is calling for the local waterway to be kept gunge free. The gunge (technically known as duckweed) covered the canal around parts of Horsell, near the town centre and beyond for more than half of 2014.

  • Prey Heath Road - Will Forster
    Article: Feb 14, 2014

    Lib Dem County Councillor Will Forster has succeeded in getting Surrey County Council to agree to construct a raised pedestrian walkway under the Prey Heath Road railway bridge.

    Councillor Will Forster said, "Safety under the railway bridge on Prey Heath Road is appalling. Ever since being elected, I've been campaigning for the Council to protect pedestrians on Prey Heath Road. I'm really pleased that the Council has now committed to fund and install the walkway in the 2014/15 financial year.

  • Liam and parking
    Article: Feb 13, 2014

    The Conservatives running Woking Borough Council are set to increase parking charges again.

    In April 2013, the Council increased parking charges in the Town Centre's car parks by as much as 20%. The ruling Conservatives are now planning to implement a further increase by October 2014.

    Second parking charge increase in 18 months.

  • Denzil with goldwater petition
    Article: Feb 13, 2014

    Thanks to your overwhelming response to the Goldwater Lodge petition, Councillor Denzil Coulson and the Lib Dems successfully forced the Tories to make a decision regarding the future of Goldwater Lodge. They agreed to fund the £915,000 shortfall needed to cover the repair costs not covered by the building's insurers.

  • chris took
    Article: Feb 11, 2014

    Following a packed meeting of local Liberal Democrat members, Chris Took has been selected as Woking Liberal Democrat's Prospective Parliamentary candidate for the 2015 General Election.

    Chris succeeds former Woking Mayor Rosie Sharpley, who secured 2nd place in the 2010 election against current Woking Conservative MP.

  • Liam at traffic lights
    Article: Feb 11, 2014

    Lib Dem Borough Councillor Liam Lyons has asked Woking's Local Transport Committee to review the traffic lights along Guildford Road and Victoria Way. This was following complaints from a number of residents who regularly get caught in peak time traffic jams.

    Cllr Lyons, one of two Lib Dem borough councillors for Mount Hermon West, has asked for the phasing of the lights to be looked at, in particular the pedestrian crossing by the Market Square, which seems to be out of sync with the other lights along the A320.

  • Article: Nov 23, 2013

    A drop in the number of people claiming jobseekers allowance in Woking is another welcome boost to the economy, Ann-Marie Barker said today.

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported the UK has seen the largest annual fall in the number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance in more than 15 years.