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    Article: Nov 27, 2014

    The local Lib Dems in Byfleet have launched a campaign to protect the Green Belt from large scale housing developments in Byfleet and West Byfleet.

    Conservative-run Woking Borough Council recently announced the results of its Green Belt Boundary Review, which recommended building around 500 homes in the Borough's Green Belt and is targeting areas in Brookwood, Byfleet, Hook Heath, Mayford, Pyrford and West Byfleet.

  • Article: Sep 26, 2014
    Liberal Democrat Colin Cross stormed to victory in Thursday's by-election for Lovelace ward that includes Ripley, Wisley and Ockham.
    Lovelace is usually one of the safest Conservative wards in Guildford Borough Council, it had not been held by a Lib Dem Councillor since the re-organisation of Guildford Borough in 1974.
  • Article: Sep 20, 2014
    Woking Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson, Chris Took has called the positive labour market figures published on 17th September "no accident" and said Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government were delivering the recovery fairly.
    Official figures show the number of people claiming Job Seeker's Allowance in Woking fell in the three months to the end of July. While total UK unemployment fell 146,000 to 2.02 million with the unemployment rate falling to 6.2% - its lowest since the last full quarter in 2008.
  • Article: Sep 7, 2014
    More than 37,500 children in Surrey and 1.5 million infants across the country are now benefiting from a free school meal.
    Every child in reception, year 1 and year 2 in state-funded schools are now able to sit down to a free school lunch, saving parents who currently pay for a school lunch over £400 a year per child.
  • Article: Jun 23, 2014

    Former Horsell Lib Dem councillor Ann-Marie Barker is seeking answers on the chaos that has engulfed Well Lane and neighbouring roads in Horsell over the last 3 months.

    Residents were initially pleased when twice delayed road resurfacing started in April but their pleasure was short lived when mountains of machinery rolled into the road, they were trapped in their homes and many only learnt from contractors that speed humps on the road were not to be replaced as part of the resurfacing work. The situation got worse with a burst water main, leaking sewers, unauthorised late night working and an unexplained white dust covering everything and exacerbating existing chest problems suffered by residents.

  • Article: Jun 5, 2014

    Councillor Will Forster has been elected as the new Group Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Woking Borough Council, and Councillor Liam Lyons has been elected to serve as their new Deputy Leader.

    Will Forster is a Borough Councillor for Kingfield and Westfield ward, and also serves as a County Councillor for South Woking. Liam Lyons is one of the two Lib Dem Borough Councillors for Mount Hermon West, having been re-elected in last month's elections. Liam Lyons has been Chairman of the Council's influential Overview and Scrutiny Committee for the last two years.

    Councillor Will Forster said, "I am delighted and honoured to have been elected by the Woking Lib Dem Group as Leader for the next year."

    Will Forster added, "I plan to continue the good work of our former Group Leader, Councillor Ann-Marie Barker. Woking Lib Dems will hold the Conservative administration to account on the level of Council Tax, plans to raise parking charges and with the possible redevelopments in Woking town centre and Sheerwater."

    Councillor Liam Lyons added, "With the current state of the Council's finances, it will be a tough year ahead. On the Council, we will provide the effective opposition that Woking needs, scrutinising the Conservatives' decisions, and challenging them where appropriate."

  • Article: Jun 2, 2014

    Following the re-election of Catherine Bearder MEP, the Lib Dem member of the European parliament for South East England, commented:

    "I'm delighted to be elected to represent the people of the South East once again.

    "It was a disappointing night and a bad result for the party but we knew that this election would be difficult. I'm truly sorry to have lost some excellent Lib Dem colleagues.

  • Article: May 15, 2014

    After promising to monitor the repair of Bampton Way in his last Focus newsletter, Denzil was disappointed to find that only half the road had been repaired when he visited the area in early March.

    Only one side of the road has been resurfaced leaving gaping potholes on the other. Denzil says:

    "I cannot understand why Surrey Highways only do half a job. If you travel towards the Goldsworth shopping centre from Lockfield Drive, your car will be hit by potholes but you will have a smooth uninterrupted journey going back.

  • Article: May 14, 2014

    James Sanderson and the Lib Dems have welcomed a review of Surrey County Council's road safety policy in Woking that could allow 20 mph areas be introduced in Goldsworth East. Local campaigner and father of 4 young children, James Sanderson said, "In May 2006 and again in 2012, Libs Dems called for Surrey County Council to reduce speeds where necessary on the County's roads. This includes the introduction of 20 mph speed limits where evidence."

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    Article: May 14, 2014

    Denzil was appalled to hear from residents about the poor repairs and customer service that New Vision Homes has been giving council tenants. These range from waiting for months for repairs to be done to poor customer service when residents contact the 24/7 call centre.

    Denzil says: "As Housing Task Group chairman, I requested an independent survey of the problems faced by residents. Please let me know of any cases so that I can forward this information to the investigating officers concerned.